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Welcome to our shop!

Virginia Longarm where A Needle Runs Through It is not simply a store, a studio or a place providing a service. We are a network of professionals and hobbyists alike, quilters dedicated to the art of longarm quilting. We are your resource. We are your family. There is beauty and wonder in this work, from the moment the fabric is chosen until the final stitch is in place. We love every second of our quilting journey and believe you will too. 


Things to know.....

  • We have lots of fabric on sale for half off!
  • New fabric is available in store! 
  • If you want to place a order to be shipped please call the shop (804) 708-0741 
  • If you would like to purchase a gift card please call us to place your order.
  • If you drop off a quilt at Bobbin and Bolt or Quilting Adventures please call to let us know! 

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