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Info Key Gold


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The Gold Info-Key is available to purchase for $795.00 and includes all the information from the White and Silver USB Keys, it also includes 156 additional videos and printed material for your Computer systems. If you are a current owner or considering a computerized machine this Gold Key gives you mountains of educational tutorials from the Info-Key Team and scheduled updates offered twice a year with a small processing fee. You also receive a Coupon Code for additional digital patterns on the Gold Info-Key from Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio, and an Innova Encryption Dongle if needed.

• Gold > AutoPilot Mach3 … 14 Ed-Tutorials + 41 Icons & Mouse + 6 Drop Down Menus • Gold > Navigator P2 ………. 11 Ed-Tutorials + 28 Icons & Mouse + 8 Drop Down Menus • Gold > PantoVision T2 …… 2 Ed-Tutorials + 20 Icons & Mouse + 8 Drop Down Menus • Gold > Also Videos on Education ~ Tutorials ~ Grand Format Embroidery “GFE” • Gold > Also Videos on Education ~ Tutorials ~ Encryption Dongle & Simulator Info • Gold > From “Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio” a Coupon Code for The New Customer Start Up Bundle of 200 Digitized patterns + 2 months of the Crown Jewels Club which includes 200+ more patterns over 2 months + Sweet Dreams Lightbox software. Note: This offer subject to change without notice!
Thank You from the Info-Key Team, ? Boersma’s Jack, Michelle, Capri, Delaney, Codie, Laurie, Dave, Karen, Todd, Rodger and Mark, Country Loft Jim, Ali, Terese, Mark and Kyra Reps ? Innova® ~ Neal, Michael, Heidi, Matt, Keith, and Ryan ? Jo’s Quilting Studio ~ JoAnn and Levi

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